It's time to RETREAT, REST & reignite your creative power!

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Tulum, Mexico
April 18 - 23, 2022

join ME for my next 6-day creation retreat!

Fall in love with Tulum! Imagine spending 6 days in the tropical oasis of Tulum, Mexico with a small group of likeminded & powerful women. Refresh, renew and retreat with a one-of-a kind experience hosted by yours truly! I'll help you reconnect with our inner artist, reclaim new levels of divine confidence and renew your creative energy in the sacred jungle of Tulum.


Are you feeling burnt out?

Need a break from your day-to-day routine?

Eager to surround yourself with like-minded women who possess a growth mindset?

Do you KNOW, deep down, that you haven’t even skimmed the surface of your most powerful self?

Ready to unlock your creative potential and take your art (no matter what you create) to the next level?

does this sound familiar?

THIS RETREAT IS unlike any experience in existence - and THAT’S ON PURPOSE. This is an experience for the woman who is ready to prioritize rest, experience divine rejuvenation inside & out. This retreat is for the woman who knows she can’t pour from an empty cup. Who is tired of surface level talk, and seeks higher conversation around topics like God, heart & soul, breakthrough, slaying limiting beliefs and discovering their divine purpose. FOR THE WOMAN WHO IS READY FOR THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME. 

If your heart is beating fast and you’re smiling from ear-to-ear then this is the retreat that you’ve always been waiting for.

Save your spot!

THIS RETREAT IS NOT a business retreat.
Although this IS for badass boss babes.
This is NOT a conference. Although it IS an opportunity to learn and grow alongside other women. This is NOT a networking retreat. Although you WILL meet soul-sisters & wonder how the heck you ever did this thing called life without them. This is NOT a yoga retreat. Although you WILL have opportunities to move your body, reconnect with your breathing and ground yourself in the nature around you.

Surround yourself with authentic, like-minded women ready to rediscover & own their power.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to go deep. Get quiet. Slow down. When was the last time you went outside? Like - really went outside. When’s the last time you went on an adventure THAT YOU DIDN’T PLAN? When’s the last time you allowed yourself to simply be in the moment; took a deep breath. And then another. And another. 

When’s the last time you spent the entire day by the pool? Just because you wanted to.  When’s the last time you had dinner and great conversation with a group of complete strangers who quickly became soul-sisters? I want that journey for you. Which is why I’ve birthed an exclusive experience for you to have all of these things and more.

You'll Receive:

4+ Star Hotel in Tulum, Mexico
(Double Occupancy)

Private Airport Shuttle (roundtrip)

Tulum Excursions & Adventures

Transformational Workshops
& Breakout Sessions

Breakfasts + Welcome Dinner Included

Travel Swag & Retreat Merch


Meet Your Host

Join me & book your retreat

Limiting Belief Gladiator and your Tulum, Mexico retreat host. Nothing gives me more joy than created meaningful experiences for women to OWN THEIR POWER, take their place and show up in this world as the unapologetic force they were created to be. I believe a crucial part of this divine reawakening process involves RETREAT and REST. Lots of it. Darling, you deserve a life overflowing with joy, adventure, laughter, purpose & meaning. I'll see you in Tulum, Mexico for the adventure of a lifetime!





"Right away you were extremely easy to talk with and we both felt like we could’ve continued for hours with you! The way you portrayed your message was eloquent and professional, but still got so down to earth and stayed relatable to our audience!" 

— Chelsea H. 

"your energy was absolutely infectious"

The Unleash Your Power Challenge was an answered prayer to the cry of my heart for more, for community, and for what’s inside of me to come out. [An] open space to adventure, discover, and grow as the powerhouse woman I know myself to be.

— Natasha G.

"an open space to Adventure, discover and grow!"

It has been beautiful to wake up every morning to words of power and encouragement. The sisterhood in this group is amazing, and I hope these friendships carry over past the end of the challenge!

— Elyse T.

"the sisterhood in this group is amazing!"

testimonials of women empowered by working with me

Let's go to Tulum!

Can you feel the soft sea breeze on your face? Can you hear the tropical birds singing you awake each morning? Can you picture the sunrises and sunsets painted for you each night?
You are WORTH this time. And it's impossible to put a price tag on your joy. You need this, sis. You need to be here with us. Life is short, darling. And frankly, you work FAR too hard to put off your joy another millisecond longer. Join us in Tulum, Mexico!

Tulum, Mexico

Book now: $4,999 

$500 deposit to hold your spot.
Flexible payment options
Single occupancy is available for an addl' rate
(Airfare + travel insurance sold separately)

DAY 1:


Transfer to Tulum + Free time
+ Opening Gathering

count me in!

Welcome to Mexico! Arrive in Cancun and transfer to your hotel in Tulum. Enjoy free time before our special dinner gathering. Dinner, drinks and warm introductions are on the house, and include great conversations with powerful women like yourself. Vibe: Oceanside date night


Wake up in Tulum! + Creativity Workshops
+ local SHOPPING & Exploring


You begin at the intersection of creation and vacation with a workshop that will reignite your creativity and set you up for the retreat of a lifetime! Make waves on the beach, enjoy a Yoga/Sound Bath experience all while capturing stunning content to post on social media.
Vibe: Cute casual coffee date

DAY 3:

Mayan Ruins + Tulum Cenotes
+ SO MUCH more!

Sign me up!


Take a cool dip into the crystal clear waters of the Tulum Cenotes, and gaze upon awe inspiring ancient Mayan ruins dating back to the early 13th century. Bring a journal and steal away some quiet time to reflect on these phenomenal discoveries. Ask yourself “How can the beauty of these historic locations inspire/influence my art today?” Vibe: Jane adventure chic / athleisure sporty 

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DAY 4:

Creativity Workshops + Photoshoots
+ Girls Night Out

save your spot

You wake up rejuvenated! You arrive at the artist workshop on Day 4 ready to create with new vigor and excitement. You welcome the guest speaker, an expert in marketing & productivity for creatives & entrepreneurs. Laptop charged. Workbook open. Pen in hand. You are ready to take on the day!
Vibe: Cute casual coffee date

DAY 5:

Beach + BICYCLES + Foodie  tour + PHOTOSHOOTs 


It’s your last full day in Tulum & you can choose your own adventure. Ride bicycles around town, stopping for selfies and snacks wherever you go. Savor your breakfast, lunch and dinner under a cabana on the soft sandy beach. Work for a few hours in the morning then log off and join in on the fun! We’ll enjoy one of my FAVORITE Tulum restaurants on our last evening.
Vibe: Tulum goddess energy

DAY 6:

Breakfast + Farewell
+ Depart from Cancun Airport

book now!
(only 8 SPOTS)

Savor your last breakfast in Tulum surrounded by new lifelong friends. You check-out of your hotel room and are whisked away in your airport shuttle. Your flight home is scheduled to leave on-time. While en route you marvel at how you were able to both create so much & vacation at the same time! You block off your calendar because you’re already planning on joining the next creation retreat in July. Vibe: International travel chic