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Dedicated to helping inspired but stuck creatives reconnect with their inner artist, unleash their power and build an authentic online presence. Invite Anastasia to speak!

Does your audience struggle with untapped creative potential? Are there roadblocks holding your audience back from owning their creative power? 

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"Right away you were extremely easy to talk with and we both felt like we could’ve continued for hours with you! The way you portrayed your message was eloquent and professional, but still got so down to earth and stayed relatable to our audience!" 

— Chelsea H. 

"your energy was absolutely infectious"

The Unleash Your Power Challenge was an answered prayer to the cry of my heart for more, for community, and for what’s inside of me to come out. [An] open space to adventure, discover, and grow as the powerhouse woman I know myself to be.

— Natasha G.

"an open space to Adventure, discover and grow!"

It has been beautiful to wake up every morning to words of power and encouragement. The sisterhood in this group is amazing, and I hope these friendships carry over past the end of the challenge!

— Elyse T.

"the sisterhood in this group is amazing!"

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